Crowdsourced Recorder

Thank you for taking an interest in our project. Across the US, low head dams have been constructed over the last two centuries to provide water, power and flood control. Many of these are silent hazards that contribute to accidental drownings each year. Our project is to identify low head dams across the US so that they can be managed and properly maintained.

Over the next few pages, we hope to enlist your help in this effort. This web app will help you mark the location of low head dams and also upload pictures of them to the project team. This crowdsourced effort will help populate a nation-wide inventory.

If you would like to participate, use the Registration button below.


By registering you are agreeing to not trespass or put yourself in any danger while using this app. Second, you agree to let us make use of your smart phone's GP to record your position.

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Map Instructions

On the next page will be an interactive Google Map. You will be able to enter a location name and then drag the dam location marker to the desired location. If you wish to use the current location as your starting point, then allow your phone's browser to read your current GPS location. Otherwise you can enter a new location via the Search box above the map.

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